Tuesday, 22 September 2020

ANTI-CIMEX Live! t-shirt

ANTI-CIMEX Live! tape Cover t-shirt size S M L XL XXL

To celebrate the re-release of the Anti-Cimex Live! cassette tape we have decided to print a limited edition t-shirt using the tape cover artwork. Printed in two colours. Available from the band website cimexrecords.com and from us  cimexrecords.comcimexrecords.com


White and Red quality plastisol ink on Fruit Of The Loom t-shirt.

 Available sizes S M L XL and XXL

to get one write to godzilladistro@distruzione.org

Tuesday, 1 September 2020


Anti-Cimex Live! cassette tape

Released today by Cimex Records and Godzilla Records. Re-issue of the hard to find tape recorded at Birkag√•rden, Sweden in 1985. Originally released by Hard Core Horror Records and long out of print.
Raw and aggressive as a live should sound, made clear by the caring hands and ears of Daniel at North London Bomb Factory. Includes rare tracks, some of which were later reworked for their self titled Mini LP. Includes the track Alarm as a bonus (from a different show later that year at Birkag√•rden.
Available from us retail/wholesale/trade.

Available from Godzilla Records godzilladistro@distruzione.org godzilladistro.blogspot.com
or Cimex Records Cimexrecords.com

Saturday, 4 June 2016

Anti-Cimex Live 85/86 LP

Released Godzilla Records with Punk Vortex and Bastard Squad Recordings
Two sets including some rare songs. Good quality live recordings. Re-mastered at North London Bomb Factory (excellent job)

Few copies left, available in red/black limited edition
get yours: wolp74@hotmail.com

Insidious Process - Mirrors Of The Dead tape cassette

Insidious Process - Mirrors Of The Dead tape cassette
Released by Godzilla Records 

 3rd album from this great swedish band. Godzilla Recs is proud to release it on cassette.
Blackened D-beat at its best.

To get a copy: wolp74@hotmail.com
listen here https://insidiousprocess.bandcamp.com/

Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Split Veins limited screen print Cover

Split 12" miniLP is also available with limited screen printed cover
limited to 50 copies only
not for wholesale sorry

Godzilla demo1

Godzilla Demo1
This is my one-man-band project. Born out of the demise of my previous band Discarded. After the demise of the band I decided to records the songs I had written for the band by myself.
Here's the results. Sloppy d-beat, raw punk.
get in touch wolp74@hotmail.com

Split Veins 12" miniLP

Split Veins debut 12" miniLP now available

8 tracks of pure raging raw hardcore. Available on Godzilla Distro.
Get in touch for wholesale rate/trades
get in touch wolp74@hotmail.com
listen split-veins - Bandcamp